A Warning to Warwickshire Residents On The Risks of Thefts From Vehicles

Using a new series of short videos, Safe In Warwickshire and key strategic partners are warning residents in Warwickshire of the risk of thefts from vehicles this summer.

The new videos – presented from the point of view of a fictional car thief organisation (Warwickshire Automobile Thieves Society) –show exactly what car thieves are looking for and just how easy valuables can fall prey to these criminals when they are left on display.

The key messages for residents are:

  • Always lock and secure your vehicle when it is parked, whether that is on-street, outside your home or in a public car park;
  • Never leave any valuables on display in your vehicle when it is parked;
  • If at all possible, take all valuable with you when leaving your car. Putting them in your boot does not necessarily make them safe, the thieves will look there too; and
  • For anyone with their own tools, never leave these locked in your vehicle overnight, take them indoors at the end of the day.

Four new videos which have been produced for the campaign, are available on YouTube.

Cllr Andy Crump, Warwickshire County Council portfolio holder for Fire and Rescue and Community Safety says: “Theft from vehicles is a highly opportunistic crime, if we collectively remove the opportunity by following the simple advice at the heart of this campaign, we can reduce these thefts in Warwickshire.”

Neil Harrison, Chief Inspector with Warwickshire Police says: “We are working closely with our partners to continue to reduce opportunities for thieves to steal from cars. Criminals are often attracted to items left in vehicles and will also be opportunistic taking advantage of vehicles which has not been locked. I would like to remind and encourage the public that by ensuring their vehicles are locked and don’t have items on display will significantly reduce the likelihood of them being a victim of vehicle crime. Policing operations will also continue across the county to disrupt, deter and detect offenders.”

A website has also been created for the campaign, with more advice about keeping your valuables safe. You can also follow Warwickshire Automobile Thieves on Twitter and Facebook.