About us

Nuneaton & Bedworth Neighbourhood Watch Association (N&BNWA) is a key part an extensive support network – thNW Newere to help, not to direct. Representatives of Street Schemes Coordinators across the Borough work together to identify the services that are needed to sustain those schemes and provide those services to help them do their work. N&BNWA also acts as a vital link with the wider world of Neighbourhood Watch through the County, Regional and National Associations.

CommunicationCB-50-C-page-001 is a key issue. N&BNWA produces and distributes Crime Busters its quarterly newsletter. It also has its own intranet site for members only, a Twitter account @NunBed and a website at http://www.nbnwa.net All are sources of community safety advice and news of local developments.

A principal role of N&BNWA is to provide support to a number of local area Neighbourhood Watch Associations across the Borough. Local Area Associations currently exist in Bedworth & Bulkington  North East Nuneaton (covering St Nicolas & Weddington), Coton (covering Wem Brook North and parts of Abbey), Wem Brook (covering Wem Brook South) and Church Farm (parts of Kingswood).These are the front line of support for those living in the areas the relevant Local Area Association.  Otherwise N&BNWA will endeavour to help them in any way we can.

Another example of support is the Public Liability Insurance Policy arranged by the national body, Neighbourhood & Home Watch PLINetwork. It covers all registered schemes that are active and provides indemnity against third party claims for bodily injury or damage to material property resulting from community activities for Neighbourhood Watch undertaken with the full knowledge of the Coordinator and under Coordinator control.