Getting involved

Starting up a new Neighbourhood Watch Scheme needs only involve a small number of households.
All it requires is 5 or so like-minded neighbours who are willing to look out for each other.

One of them should be willing to act as CO-ORDINATOR, to receive messages and pass them on to the other members.

These messages are to:

  • alert you to possible criminal activity in your neighbourhood so that you may be extra vigilant;
  • request assistance by the police in helping them solve crimes;
  • informing you of Neighbourhood Watch events and activities.

New schemes will be provided with start-up packs, window stickers and street signs to advertise your alertness.

Want to know more?
Want help in setting up a new scheme?

Heather Lowe
Secretary N&BNWA
35 Ferndale Close
Nuneaton CV11 6AQ
Tel: 024 76 350 131
Or go to: Contact form