Report unauthorised Gypsy and Traveller encampments – Warwickshire County Council – Residents

There is a consistent, county wide approach to managing Unauthorised Encampments within Warwickshire. This approach aims to ensure that the local communities and the travelling communities are treated fairly.

An unauthorised encampment is a site where Gypsy and Traveller, or other unauthorised campers, camp on land they do not own and do not have permission to use.

Next steps

We will need to identify the owner of the land.

If an unauthorised encampment is on County or Highway land, one of our officers would go out to visit the encampment to obtain some basic information before further action is taken.

Based on the information given by the Gypsy and Traveller a decision will be made as to whether the encampment should be allowed to remain for an agreed period and whether to take legal action.

Unauthorised encampments will not be tolerated where:

  • The occupants are known to have previously disregarded the site rules within the county;
  • The encampment is creating a hazard to road safety;
  • There is a danger to public or personal safety or the environment;
  • The encampment is creating an intolerable impact on the employment, use or habitation of adjoining or nearby property;
  • The encampment is too large for its location;
  • The land is needed for use by the Lead Authority or the general public;
  • There has been advice from the Police which suggests that alleged criminal activity is taking place.

North Warwickshire Police Off-Road Bike Team

police_bike_teamThe North Warwickshire Police Off-Road Bike Team provides high-visibility policing, patrolling urban and rural hotspots which have been identified as experiencing vehicle-based anti-social behaviour, such as illegal off-road motorcycle use. The officers use bikes at targeted locations at key days and times, especially at weekends, when residents experience the most distress.

Special Inspector Vincent Pegg volunteers alongside his regular police colleagues in the North Warwickshire Police Off-Road Bike Team, and helps play an important role in combating illegal off-road motorcycles and rural antisocial behaviour, as well as providing useful advice on security issues to local residents.

An award from the Office of the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Rural, Cyber and Business Crime Fund has enabled Warwickshire Police to purchase two new motorcycles with off-road capability, together with appropriate protective clothing for ten officers. The motorcycles, which are liveried as police vehicles, provide access to land that is hard or impossible to get to with regular police vehicles. The team also works in partnership with Warwickshire County Council who’s ‘Dob em in’ campaign urges residents to report offenders who are riding or driving vehicles off-road.

Inspector Dean Reid, who leads the team, said: “The use of the Off-Road Bike Team is pivotal in our fight to reduce and address antisocial behaviour, enabling officers to respond to locations that ordinarily would be inaccessible. Special Inspector Pegg is a key part of the team – he helps us to locate, detain and engage with offenders, and provides advice and guidance to local residents. By working as a team, and in partnership with other agencies, we can show the local community that we are serious about confronting the issues that affect them.”

Special Inspector Vincent Pegg said: “I am the first and only member of the Special Constabulary to be put through the Off-Road Motorbike Course and I am able to patrol on the bikes to assist regular officers in combating antisocial behaviour and rural crime through the use of motorcycles in north Warwickshire. I ride a trials motorbike in my spare time and have done since the age of five. Being a Special Constable is about understanding the needs and concerns of our communities, and working to protect people from harm. The Off-Road Bike Team gives me an ideal opportunity to make a difference in North Warwickshire.”