N&BNWA Exec Committee Minutes 11/02/2016

Nuneaton & Bedworth Neighbourhood Watch Association.

Executive Committee

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 11th Feb. 2016


Brian Lowe, Heather Lowe, Colin Muncaster, Geoff Crabtree, Terry Harris. Mohammed Teladia, Bob Chambers, Roger Jones, PC Jason Rai & Tony Calvert

  1. Welcome

Bob welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologised for the late start due to Heather & Brian being involved in a RTC on the way to the meeting.

  1. Conflicts of interest

None declared

  1. Apologies

Cllr June Tandy. Styfan Pidhajacky, David Atkin, Gordon Chadwin & Saeed Sheikh

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting

Agreed as a true record and signed accordingly.

  1. Matter arising

None that would not be dealt with as part of the agenda.

  1. Correspondence

Heather had received an e-mail from a young co-ordinator who had expressed an interest in helping with Crime Busters. She had arranged a meeting with him and the new editor to talk about how this could be done and it had been agreed he would write a regular column aimed at the younger generation. His idea for edition 51 was an article on ASB and how one’s actions impact on others.

Heather also said she had received reports on the work of the team working in Abbey on Operation Offa and what a difference they had made. Mohammed commented on how the community felt since this operation had seen so many offenders arrested and drug cultivations closed down. Offa was due to end in March and the meeting felt that it was a shame that this could not be applied in other areas of the borough where residents feel that crime is getting the upper hand. The meeting agreed that we should make our feelings known the the police, and Heather was tasked with writing a letter to congratulate them on their work so far and ask about the possibility of this crack team targeting other areas of the borough in the same way.

  1. Police report

PC Rai reported that the Christmas period had gone well. The initiatives that had been put in place had kept crime down. After persistent work by the police on checking licensees were adhere ring to their conditions, BAND was again operational in the town leading to a better handling of problems. Over the Christmas period 600 vehicles were stopped and the drivers breatherlized, as a result there were 27 arrests for drug/drink drive offences

The police had also run an ANPR operation which had targeted cross border criminals. This had resulted in 33 vehicles being seized, and one arrest on a European Warrant.Another offender who causes problems, especially with shops and harming females has been moved out of the area which has made life better for many. They have also been proactive with regard to Macintyre House and its residents, ensuring they stick to their bail conditions and do not cause harm to the local community. Burglary is still very low with 2 offenders recently being arrested.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

As an organisation we are solvent with spending on track. The finalised accounts for the end of year are with the new independent examiner who will deal with them once the ‘self-assessment’ deadline has passed, as this is a busy time for him. Brain had prepared a proposal with regard to the Trailer, as it was now of zero value. He had checked with the providers of the original grant to purchase and they no longer had any interest in it. As we only used it once during 2014 and not at all last year he proposed we disposed of it. North Warks NW were interested and as it had always been kept on one of their member’s land it was proposed we offer it to them for a nominal sum with the proviso that we can borrow it should we so wish. This was agreed

Proposed BC      Seconded TH    Agreed by all

In May we will be asked to vote for a new PCC and until the new person is in office we will not know whether we will get funding after the coming financial year.

  1. eports on other business

Six new co-ordinator have been signed up by Lyndsey, PCSO in Kingwood. Brian has already sent thanks via the CI, as Lindsey will soon start training as a PC,

  1. Cyber Crime Sub Group

Notes from Tuesdays meeting circulated, copy attached. Group felt they had achieved their task and presented the meeting with a draft policy for adoption. A twitter account had been set up and it was expected this would start to grow. The address is @NunBed

Proposed we accept the policy TH   seconded HL   all agreed

  1. Projects Update
  2. Crime Busters. Issue 50 in the process of being put together. Gordon had suggested the ladies help with the packing of edition 50 so he can work with them and highlight where some deliveries need to be at specific times etc. as they are in sheltered housing /flats etc. Brian has purchased a portable Hard Drive so that he can transfer all his records and other useful information ready to hand over to the new editor. He reckoned that over a third of a million copies of CB had been carried by Gordon over the last 12+ years
  3. This was working well. Since Dec he has sent out over 44800 messages with a total of over 100,000 since we started Brian had started a new course from Future Learn on Community Journalism. This highlighted that the future of journalism was electronic and would be most appropriate for the weekly newsletter.
  1. Reports of other meetings
  2. a) WNWA meeting 3rd March
  3. b) Priority Action Group 28th Jan report circulated Group now more proactive There was to be a new mobile contact van, badged up for Cyber Crime and other agencies able to offer adverse and help in this area. Taxi Marshalls were working well, PC Rai said this had made a difference to the number of fights whilst waiting for taxis.
  4. c) Community Action Network. meeting March notification that meeting cancelled
  5. e) NABSCOP 25th Feb
  1. AOB.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8-50pm

Dates of future meetings     Thurs 9th June, Thurs 11th Aug, Thurs 13th Oct, Thurs 8th Dec 2016

AGM Thursday 7th April 2016  Ambleside Sports & Social Club