5 Current Facebook Scams To Watch Out For

Facebook is a perfect venue for scammers to distribute their malicious messages and find new victims. Here are five current Facebook scams to watch out for.

  1. VIDEO – Yet More “Free Range Rover” Scams Hitting Facebook
    In this video, we cover yet another Facebook scam that claims that you can win a free Range Rover by liking, sharing, commenting, and filling in surveys.
  2. More IPhone Giveaway Scams Hitting Facebook
    Various Facebook Pages promise the chance to win Apple iPhones just for liking, sharing, and commenting.
  3. “Someone Has Reported Your Actions” Facebook Phishing Scam
    Message purporting to be from Facebook Security Management claims that your account will be disabled because other users have reported your actions. It instructs you to click a link to re-confirm your details or Facebook will remove your account.
  4. “Little Baby Has Cancer” Facebook Like-Farming Scam
    Circulating Facebook post that features a video of a little boy in a hospital bed claims that the baby has cancer and that Facebook has decided to help by donating $2 for every like, $4 for every comment, and $8 for every share.
  5. No, You CANNOT Win A Toyota Land Cruiser Just By Liking And Sharing – SCAM
    Post going viral on Facebook claims that, “for the first time in Facebook history”, you can get a chance to win a 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser just by liking, sharing, and commenting.

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