Could you tell if a cash machine had been tampered with?



This is a question being posed by as part of a police warning about skimming devices.

People are reminded to be vigilant around ATM after skimming devices continue to be found on them in in various parts of the UK. Can you tell which of these two machines has a skimming device attached? See the answer at the bottom of the story.

A police spokesman said: “The incidents have been reported about people have been putting their card in the machine to withdraw cash, but their bank card has not been returned by the machine. Please be vigilant when you use a cash machine and take a look around the machine to see if you can spot anything unusual before you use it. Always cover the keypad as you enter your PIN number and, if you insert your card and it appears to be stuck or is retained, then check the facia and contact your bank or card issuer immediately. If you notice anyone acting suspiciously then please contact the police as soon as possible.”

Advice and tips for when using cash machines include:

  • Looking for anything that seems out of place such as ill-fitting components, wires, tape, hidden cameras or missing panels. If the card gets stuck, or you notice an error message, alert the bank immediately and inform the police.
  • Shield your pin number; discreetly putting your money and card away before leaving a cash machine; reporting incidents promptly to your bank and the police and saving your bank’s phone number into your mobile phone.
  • If someone is behaving suspiciously behind you or making you feel uncomfortable, cancel the transaction and use another machine.
  • Don’t be distracted by others while at the cash machine. Keep an eye on your bank statements to check for any unusual activity.

*The answer to the photo is, the one on the right has the skimming device attached. Clue: Look at the arrows – they are much too close to the slot in the photo with the device fitted.

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