Support for Victims of Cybercrime

Victim_SupportWhile the onset of cybercrime has continued at an ever growing rate, the availability of sources of trustworthy help and advice for those who have fallen victim to it have struggled to keep pace.

N&BNWA has, through the implementation of its adopted “Combating Cybercrime” policy, attempted to do its best to signpost those of its members who suffered such harm. Most of the remedial advice has centred upon how one might report the crime, what practical steps might be taken to repair compromised equipment and even how compensation for financial losses might be obtained. However, little, so far, little has been said about what support might be available to help victims cope with devastating effects that cybercrime might have on their emotional wellbeing.

For those living in Warwickshire here are two sources of support:

  • Family Lives offer support and advice to victims of cyber bullying of all ages. They can talk to one of their Family Support Workers by calling their confidential helpline on 0808 800 2222.
  • Emotional support is also offered to victims of cybercrime in Warwickshire from Victim Support by calling 01926 682686

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