Beware rise in pension scams with around 60 savers a month targeted

The fraudsters typically cold-call victims and offer free pension reviews. They then promise big returns if customers transfer cash into risky investments such as wine or overseas property.

Source: Beware rise in pension scams with around 60 savers a month targeted

Nuneaton & Bedworth Neighbourhood Watch Association. Executive Committee

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 9th June 2016


Brian Lowe, Heather Lowe, Geoff Crabtree, Terry Harris. Bob Chambers, Keiran Hagan, Alex Gloster, Doug Blease. Styfan Pidhajacky PC Jason Rai & Tony Calvert

  1. Welcome

Bob welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked that we introduce ourselves as we had some new attendees

  1. Conflicts of interest

None declared

  1. Apologies

Roger Jones, Mohamed Teladia & Steve Hammond

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting

Agreed as a true record and signed accordingly.

  1. Matter arising

The new PCC had been elected and was Phillip Seccombe. Funding for the next year had been received and was in the bank and it was highly likely that this would continue for the foreseeable future.

  1. Correspondence

We had received an e-mail from North Warks NW agreeing to purchase the trailer, and this had been followed by a letter in which £1 had been included as payment. This had been put in with the cash from security equipment sales. As we no longer needed insurance on the trailer, the brokers had been contacted and this had resulted in a cheque to cover the unused premium of £37.36 which had been banked.

We had received a letter from Coton NW thanking us for our support over the years, and hoping they could rely on this continued support to make their area a stronger and safer community. All agreed on continuing this support. A report on the completion of Operation Offa had been received detailing some of the successes that had occurred which in turn has reassured the local community of the polices commitment to reducing crime.

Heather had written to Andy Davis at the Warwickshire Observatory to thank both him and Tom for attending our AGM and giving a presentation.  We had also received an invite to attend, with the local PCSO, some of the BMX race events when they would be security marking bikes. We needed to find out exact dates so that we could see if anyone was free to attend, as both Heather & Brian feel that such events are getting a bit beyond them now.

We had also been informed of another operation (Armidale) by the police which had targeted Rogue Traders. Working with HMRC, VOSA and UK Border Agency they had stopped several vehicles. Of the 44 checked, 13 had been reported for driving and insurance offences, 5 were stopped for various traffic offences. One vehicle, when tested was running on red diesel leading to having the vehicle seized and incurring a fine. 10 vehicles were given immediate prohibition orders and 15 vehicles were seized.

It was now in the public domain that N&BNWA had received the Queens Award for Voluntary Service, and Heather had received a letter from the Lord-Lieutenants office asking us to make contact to arrange a time and place to be presented with the award.

  1. Police report

PC Rai reported that the police had very busy with special operations over the last few months Armidale had deployed ANPR cameras in the Tuttle Hill area, as this way into the borough was not covered by fixed ANPR cameras and had given some good results. The powers that other agencies possessed had meant that the vehicle found to be running on red diesel had enabled police from another area to go into the premises of the company and check every vehicle on site for the use of red diesel. The Off Road team had been busy now that the lighter nights were with us, trying to reduce the effect of nuisance bikes in several areas. An incident had occurred in the town centre with someone on a cycle making threats and brandishing a knife. As the off road teams were in the area they were able to pursue this individual and make an arrest.

Another multi agency operation had occurred in the Bayton Road area where 26 vehicles were stopped and of these 12 were seized. Both the local paper and the SNT teams have been looking into car washes as these can be areas where illegal immigrants are working for low wage and sometimes as forced labour, this has met with some success and one in Bedworth has been closed down. As we are at the beginning of Ramadan, some of the younger Muslims are not always attending evening prayer so extra presence will be shown just to prevent any problems arising.

Lyndsay and Kerry had received their award for Partnership. PC Parrott was working evenings to try and stem the increase in ASB reported in the Hoarstone Grange area.

  1. Cyber Crime Advisors.

Keiran and Alex have been in post since April and beginning to get a feel for what is required and how they can help. Their first job is to make all aware of the best advice and give guidance as to who to report any instances too. Alex will be looking at working with the younger generation with peer to peer mentoring whilst Keiron will concentrate more on monitoring and working with partners such as ourselves. In order to get a better picture, it has now become mandatory for all reported incidents to be flagged and mapped so that hot spots can be identified and looked at for intervention.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

As an organisation we are solvent with spending on track. With the grant for 2015/16 we overspent by less than £1. Brian had completed the end of grant report, submitted it, and this had been accepted by the PCC’s office. Most sub sections within the accounts had not moved, however there had been an increase within the trailer account, but we no longer had a trailer. Brian said we could either move all this into the unrestricted monies, or leave a balance of £500 and call this trading (to be used to buy stock of the security items we sell) with the remainder being transferred into unrestricted. All agreed on the latter.

  1. Reports on other business

So far this year we have recruited 14 new co-ordinators mainly in the Kingswood and Nuneaton NE areas. Next week Brian will be training the recent intake of PCSO’s so that they know how to sign up new co-ordinators.

Bob wanted to thank everyone for selecting him and Steve to attend the Queen’s Garden Party as our representatives which they had both enjoyed. The news of our award was now public and as well as the local press having the story, the police and the PCC’s office had spread the word. How are we going to celebrate and receive the award? Brian suggested something along the lines of our 19th birthday celebrations. It was agreed Ambleside Club was a good venue as they had adequate parking facilities. As the biggest part of last times organisation was catering it was agreed just to provide nibbles. Brian asked for a small sub group to help arrange the event. He also suggested it may be nice to invite some of the original founders of N&BNWA as well as some of our partners.  Brian had also found a supply of lapel badges that we could purchase and give to those attending to celebrate the occasion.

  1. Projects Update
  2. Crime Busters. Issue 51 has gone to press. The next step is to see how the new distribution team manage.
  3. This was working well. Since Feb he has sent out over 93,950 recipient messages 99.5% of these also go out to Rugby via their DISC system. 196 tweets have been sent out and we now have a new web site which Brian has started using WordPress.

As this section deals with all items connected with Cyber Crime, Brian suggested it be renamed Cyber Crime Policy.

  1. Reports of other meetings
  2. a) WNWA The new Community Message system is up and running, although at this time they are still running Relay alongside. Once they feel the new system is free of problems Relay will be discontinued and we will no longer have a Data base of NW co-ordinators with the police. This means we will have to keep our own records, and enrolment forms will no longer mention Warwickshire Police. It will mean co-ordinators who want messages from the police will have to self-register and messages will only be sent out via e-mail.

As a result of this other districts are looking again at making use of DISC to keep their members up to date with information as it is easy to link sites so that whatever Nuneaton sends out can be sent to other districts if they wish.

  1. Priority Action Group 21st April During period Dec to Feb 353 cases of violence against the person of which 31 had a sexual tag. 31% of the offences were either drug or alcohol related with 1% both alcohol and drugs. During the same period burglary had increased slightly with 81 cases being reported.
  2. c) Community Action Network. meeting 9th June evening, apologies sent
  3. e) NABSCOP Away for May meeting, apologies sent., next meeting due August
  1. AOB.

AGM 2017. Heather suggested either 20th or 27th April, after Easter. It was agreed that as Bedworth & Bulkington NW no longer attended, even when we arranged to meeting in their area, we should stay in Nuneaton. It was further agreed we try Bermuda Phoenix Club as the venue. Brian and Heather had attended a Police Volunteers Conference the previous Saturday and one of the speakers had given a talk on Modern day slavery and Human Trafficking It was suggested this would be of interest to members. A final decision to be made at the next meeting.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8-30pm

Dates of future meetings      Thurs 11th Aug, Thurs 13th Oct, Thurs 8th Dec 2016 

hurs 9th Feb, Thurs 8th June, Thurs 10th Aug, Thurs 12th Oct,                        Thurs 14th Dec 2017

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