Property Crime

These tips crimewill reduce the likelihood of you being a victim of crime and increase the likelihood of your property being returned to you if it is stolen.

  • Don’t leave empty card boxes outside your house, back or front, in a way that advertises any new items you have received as presents or purchased. Put out for recycling in the normal way or take to the tip.
  • Property mark valuables with the postcode and house name or number to assist with identification. This can be done with an ultra violet pen or with a specialist marking kit such as a purpose made stencil with etching liquid, a unique chemical trace liquid or microdot system.
  • Create a FREE private and secure portfolio of all your personal property at
  • The ‘Immobilise’ database is an on-line property search, used by the police service to search for any identifiable item of property. Once a phone or other piece of electrical equipment is registered, officers can use it to look up its IMEI number or unique registration number, view the registered owner’s details, find out if it has been reported stolen to the police anywhere in the UK, and in the case of a mobile phone, which network it is on. All this means that you improve your chances of getting your phone back if it is lost or stolen.
  • Mobile phones, laptop computers, tablets, MP4 players and sat nav systems are the most commonly stolen items. Unless they are registered in a manner such as SmartWater or Immobilise, they are unlikely likely to be returned to their owners if found.
  • Take photographs of valuable items as it will help Police in their investigation if the item is stolen.